There’s a solution for all of your problems

When you’re sick you go to a doctor.

When you can’t get fit you get a PT

When don’t know how to eat, you ask a dietician.

When you’re depressed you can take to antidepressants and ask a psychologist.

There’s a solution for all of your problems.

There’s a difference between seeking a solution and wanting help.

In the first instance

You believe you’re broken

That you need something or someone

That you couldn’t possibly do it yourself

You’re powerless.

In the latter mindset

You acknowledge that ultimately the power resides within you.

That no person or medicine can fix something that you can’t

That your mind is incredibly powerful.

Of course it’s okay to want help. But remember not to confuse the help with the solution.

We often rely on external factors to solve our problems. When really the power lies within ourselves.

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