The One Constant Thing

Plants grow. People mature. Places look different. We change. It’s guaranteed that the one thing constant in life is change. So why do we avoid it?

Most companies see change and ignore it. They create a strong foundation for disruption. Content with the status quo they watch as startups take over their market share with a product they had the resources to create.

But they didn’t create it. Instead their R&D departments worked safely on cute projects refining existing product lines. But what if we embraced change.

It starts with people. After all organisations are nothing more than a group of people. The people leading the organisation need to be futuristic. Ahead of the game. Thinking, learning and leading their teams to explore and take risks occasionally.

Imagine if companies funded their employees suggestions, gave them dedicated time to play with their work. Not only listened to their employees feedback, but implemented it and rewarded it. If they invested in experiences designed to shift their perspective. Then perhaps we’ll see ‘traditional’ firms ready to disrupt themselves.

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