Fitteh Muh

There are next to no fun Punjabi card games to play. So we’ve created one! I struggled to come up with a name and then my Punjabi mothers’ voice entered my head – Fitteh Muh.

How do you play?

It basically involves trying to guess a Punjabi word but not using a list of easy words to describe it.

Check out this video of me and my housemate playing (I may have forced him to play).

The physical one will look something like this, but way better. Try to explain the word at the top without using the words below to someone and see if they can guess.

Punjabi Card Game

Punjabi Card Game

Pre-order the game

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Be Part of Creating it

Want to contribute to the creation of the game? Fill out the below typeform to contribute a Punjabi word that you think would be fun to guess.

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This is one of my fun side projects, thanks for being part of it!