activists and social justice leaders – this book is for you – valarie kaur – revolutionary love

Me reading Valarie Kaur's Book

If you’re an activist fuelled with rage at the state of the world or a social justice leader – this book is for you. This book took me through all the emotions – I cried, I laughed and I felt understood. It was like talking to an older mentor – a very wise one who has dedicated their life to social justice. I bought this book after taking part in a course by Komal Minhas where Valarie was a guest speaker, she facilitated the circle with warmth, love and compassion helping all the participants be vulnerable and connect more deeply. It was our first book as part of our South Asian Women’s Book Club here in Melbourne, and every one of our members thoroughly enjoyed the read.

I also invited Valarie to give a speech at Deakin University’s Startup Demo Day (via SPARK Deakin) on how Revolutionary Love could be applicable to entrepreneurs especially during COVID. From 4.15 she reads a part of her book. If you end up buying it from this link, you automatically make a $1-$2 donation to the Australian South Asian Centre. I established the Centre in 2020 to amplify the voices of South Asian women who are creatives, founders and leaders. Publishing this blog now because it’s South Asian Heritage Month and I want to advocate for the inspiring South Asian women.