The two types of workplaces you can get a job

There are two types of places you can work.
The first you get
* a clear structure
* very clear roles and responsibilities
* told exactly what you need to do and how to do it,
* will rarely get credit (esp equity) or recognition for your contribution here esp juniors
* to feel comfortable
* you mostly “follow the rules” and be risk-averse.

With the second
* your role changes day-to-day & you have to work out how to contribute effectively (self-driven)
* you’re told the high-level goals and values of the org and you have to work out what to do to achieve those
* it’s impossible to hide behind pretty presentations & reports or contribute in a way that doesn’t grow the business
* you have to be creative, an excellent communicator and learn very fast.

The industrial revolution trained us for A.
Our current education system is built on A.
Most people are still looking for A.
Yet almost everyone I know who has asked me to recommend someone for a job wants B.

SME and startups employ way more people than A.
Yet A is present at campus recruitment days, A has a huge HR budget and has young people believing the illusion that working for them is “success.”

Employable people are resilient, curious, creative, collaborative and persistent. Become someone that can work at B.