Let’s talk about Aussie media

Let’s talk about Aussie media… and our token multiculturalism and diversity. From 19 000 segments on Australian TV, only 6 % had non-European presenters. Whereas 24% of the population isn’t European (Media Diversity Australia). When it comes to actual representation it’s as aussie as Yeah…. Nah. She’ll be right

Our telly ain’t great mate. “100% of free-to-air television national news directors in Australia have an Anglo-Celtic background (and they are also all male).” Why does this matter? Because this is not what Australia is. Our stories and perspectives are missing.

What should founders/creators of colour do? Take the matter into your own hands, don’t wait for the gatekeepers to let you in. You don’t need them, stop seeking approval – they’ll need you when they realise. Thanks to Linkedin I’ve been able to reach over 2 million people. I know my community (smart South Asian folks are the fastest growing community in the country). You are your media.

Subscribe to media that’s relevant to you and run by diverse folks. Eg I subscribe to The Juggernaut (Y Combinator Startup) South Asian Today & Brown Girl Magazine and I love Sahaj Kohli’s work for my mental health awareness – all run by brilliant South Asian women. Follow trusted people and pave your path.

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