Waking up at 5am

Someone sharing about their experience can help normalize yours.

For years I’ve felt bad about not being part of the 5.00 am club that so many motivational folks preach about (Robin Sharma wrote a whole book about it) and finally when Komal Minhas in the TNRS Program said she sleeps late but then makes sure the morning is all for self-care I felt wow there’s nothing wrong with me.

Lately, my brain is creating a lot of creative, inspiring ideas and I’m writing a lot. But the idea that I should just switch off and go to bed hasn’t helped (especially when I have no reason to be up early these days) because these ideas and everything seems to come after 6-8 pm. I appreciate Komal’s honesty and for sharing that small but powerful truth, it gave me permission to let go of an expectation I had carried for years and just be at peace with how my creative and workflow happens. Wellness and productivity is different for everyone, the traditional motivational personal development world sometimes tends to forget this. Sometimes it makes people feel even worse if they can’t do the things that motivational gurus preach is “The One Thing You Need To Do To Be Succesful” Maybe you just need to do what works for you and work on being kinder to yourself, we are indeed our own worst critics.
Do you have a “weird” routine but it works for you?
* I do admire a lot of Robin Sharma’s work.