My 6 Year Relationship with Jagraj

Me and my car Jagraj Singh

It’s now 6 years since Jagraj (who I pyarfully call Jagga) and I have been together, the longest relationship I’ve had ❤️ He’s convenient, open-minded and he definitely provides more than he takes. Oh and my ex introduced to me to him 😉

We’re trying this #polyamory thing too. Who knew Aussie startup carnextdoor would help me find love before Hinge, Bumble or Tinder.

All jokes aside, Jagga is approaching 200 000 km, he’s my first and only car. People normally celebrate buying new shiny things. I prefer celebrating keeping old things. After all, the joy in life isn’t about adding. It’s about subtracting.

This idea that you need to buy new things to be happier or signal your success in life is deeply flawed but also so strong in our Indian community where status is everything. You are enough. You don’t need a shiny new thing, you’re already a special shiny thang – especially if you’ve been putting coconut oil on your face like me…

Message Jagga if you’re in Melbourne. He’s got a stick so you’ll need to put him in the right gear to turn him on 😉

P.S together we’ve been able to support 3 charitable initiatives Har Hath Kalam and  Chhoti si Asha in Punjab providing ration and monetary support to daily wagers in the streets and closer to home to Indians in Melbourne (The Kindness Project) a grassroots initiative led by Pooja Lohana that helps Indian international students struggling. It’s thanks to Punjab Youth Leaders Program that I came across some of these young change-makers in Punjab.

I wrote exactly how much Jagga makes and my experiences of renting out my car earlier in a medium article.

*this is not a sponsored article, though if you message Jagga you’ll both get $15 credit towards your first date with him so baby don’t worry about splitting the bill, he’s got you covered.