Tired of Not Starting?


Are you procrastinating something you really want to do? Start that podcast? Learn a language? Launch that startup?

Or start art classes? This is for you.

There’s a thing called Parkinson’s Law, which means that the task will fit the time allocated to it

I had this idea of starting a podcast for a year, and I didn’t.

So I scheduled a guest for within the week, a guest who was waiting for me to show up at her office.

Now there was a deadline one I had created, knowing that the cost of not showing up to her office or being too nervous would not be good enough…I instead got the job done.

It’s kind of like due dates for assignments during your university degree. You get so many assignments done, you get enough assignments to publish four books worth of content. But if I told you to go published four books, you’re not going to do it right?

So next time you really want to do something, ask yourself “how do I create these deadlines around me to achieve the goals that I want to achieve?”