The Art of Building Relationships Online

If you’re yet to meaningfully connect with someone new online (not including Tinder or Hinge) this is for you. This video is for students and beginners who feel like they get nothing out of “networking events”

  • Simple things we overlook when it comes to building relationships. 
  • The very first time I sent an email to a stranger I didn’t know but admired
  • Common mistakes you’re making when it comes to reaching out.
  • What if they don’t reply?
  • I use lots of personal experiences that I haven’t shared publicly before

I touch on why building relationships online and in-person is a worthwhile endeavor, how to do it properly, and increasing your surface space for serendipity. I hope you find it useful.

Book Recommendation: Give and Take, Adam Grant

Brilliant people mentioned

Ali Abdaal, Doc + Youtuber
Derek Sivers, Writer
Krupa Patel, Founder Anza in Tanzania
Shandi Dhanda, Asian Woman Festival, London UK
Perminder Mann, CEO Bonnier Books, London UK



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