Chandigarh’s young progressive poet and activist: Amy Singh

Having been featured in prominent Indian media outlets – The Indian Express, India Today and Tribune India Amy Singh courageously leads campaigns for a more just world through poetry and activism.

In this episode we discuss the importance of reclaiming public spaces through poetry and art, grief and suffering through her personal experience of an abusive relationship and the passing of her mother, problematic lyrics in modern Punjabi music and three campaigns focused on empowering women, minorities and fostering peace.

From protesting to change the name of Chandigarh’s popular but problematic Geri Route to Azaadi Route, writing letters to Lahore through the Daak Initiative and currently organising protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) which discriminates against Muslims and minorities. Amy is full of soul, armed with kindness and courage she’s a potent force making a difference. She’s a rare inspiring young leader in Punjab who is committed to values of love, freedom and openness.


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