#3 Running Away to the Himalayas at 19: Spirituality, Meditation and Purpose.


Ever hit rock bottom and feel like there’s no way out? In this episode I share my story of finding myself in a place where I felt suffocated by the negativity of my own mind, about mental health and being so far gone that it feels like there’s no hope. At 19 I ran off to the Himalayas and ended up spending 40 days in an ashram to learn how to meditate, I share how I came do this and the impact it has had on my life since. From being an atheist to becoming spiritual and living a more conscious life aligned with my values. This journey is what led me to start writing my book Quarter Life Crisis which I’m currently working on. Feel free to send any questions here under contact or via Instagram / Facebook and I’ll aim to answer them during the next episode.

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